Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ayaz Amir in Dawn has take on the Denmark Cartoon issue.
Muslim masses in general want their rulers to stand up to the West. Hence the popularity of the tyrant Saddam Hussain and Usama bin Laden in some sections of the Muslim world.They are admired not for their actions but for having the guts to face up the West.The Americans and others instead of admitting this pretend that the radicals "hate freedom". Current Muslim leaders are seen as ineffectual and do not seem to articulate the anger which Muslims feel.In a simplistic manner the reasoning goes : Since our governments do not do anything we will have to do something ourselves .People lose touch with Fiqh and then go astray.They forget the virtues of Sabr (patience) and depending upon Allah and go off on a tangent.


Jaffna said...


You speak of fiqh and sabr. but the leadership in most Muslim countries is corrupt. Hence the demonstrations and street riots, not to mention the popularity of the religious clergy given the lack of credible political leadership.


Anonymous said...

I have a question. On IM blog, people go to great lengths to say that Islam does not allow killing of innocents. When OBL and Saddam do just that, why is there widespread sympathy for them when they are going against Islam? I don't understand why OBL's actions are less of an insult to Islam than Danish cartoons. Seems to me that a misguided Muslim is still treated better than non-Muslims, i.e. different standards to judge people.

And if the leadership is corrupt, why not have a system like democracy (admittedly, not perfect) where they are held accountable to the public?