Monday, November 12, 2007

On Tehelka Tapes

It is nauseating how the hinduvtvawadis are trying to spin the Tehelka tapes .
I wonder what "National Interest" is served by this ?
Silly comparisions to Kashmir and West Bengal are being made to deflect attention from the Gujarat genocide.
Gujarat is the ultimate Hinduvtva laboratory and a warning of the real face of the BJP/Sangh Parivar.

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aryan said...

history lover,

The commies, congressis, SP etc have done nothing for muslims in India, while enraging the hindu majority for their anti-hindu rhetoric. In the long run their actions will be a lot more harmful to muslims, then hindus, as gujurat has shown.

In Gujarat, latif, a muslim congressi thug politician, a liutenant of dawood, who used to start riots and was used by congressi’s to win elections in the ghettos of ahmedabad, truly enraged the hindu majority. Everbody knows the gory details of what happened after that. Therefore SP, Congressi, Commies are actually a lot more harmful to muslim interests then the BJP, it’s a complicated argument, but think about it.

so you can taunt us by saying things like

“yes although the commies don’t do anything useful they atleast deserve our thanks for keeping the BJP out.”

Meaning you’d prefer India have incompetent anti-India government, rather then the BJP. But I just dont think it is in muslims interests to enrage the hindu majority by supporting commie/congressi coalition in the long term. Muslims should be smarter and not just be tools of people that want to use them like vote banks.