Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Scientific American is now being published in India by the India Today Group Yippee !!!
However it is very expensive - Rs 100 a copy.
Now when is the New Scientist coming to India ?
For a long time there has been a lack of general science magazine(s) in India.
Science Reporter published by CSIR is the only one around.
Sometime back Science Today (later 2001) used to be published by (I think) the Times of India group but was dicontinued. The rest (Junior Science Refresher ,Junior Science Digest etc...) are sundry competition magazines which are full of MCQs for IIT -JEE and other competitve exams.

For those interested in understanding the relationship between Islam and science
look for Nuh Ha Meem Keller's article(s) on
Harun Yahya also writes on these topics .


~Krishna~ said...

Good luck to you too Monsier...
Hope thy neighbors across the partition arnt bugging you as much as they did thee... ,-)

my first day off work was nice.. :D


keep posting.. wd be nice to keep hearing your views...


pennathur said...

Harun Yahya the creationist writer?

history_lover said...

Harun Yahya does borrow creationist arguments .
But as a believing Muslim I do have trouble with the evolution theory.
Nuh Keller on explains it better than me.