Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thomas Friedman yet again

Read what Thomas Friedman has to say today in The NYTimes
Why does he continue to repeat inflammatory quotes in his articles ?
Also note that he quotes from MEMRI
For the truth about the israeli propaganda site - memri read interesting info here link
As an aside I did not like his new book .He is rather selective in his interpretation .For example he says globalization started off in 1492 Ancient India had trade links with West Asia and East Asia.The Islamic civilization was the first global civilization.Thus the Arab traveller Ibn Batutta could travel from present day Morocco to India and beyond and not feel totally a stranger.

more on this later ...



Inflammatory quotes in the Friedman article? Could you kindly explain your critique?

Friedman is splendidly balanced in what he says---I fail to understand what your point of objection is?

shaun said...

nice blog, history lover. but who art thou?

history_lover said...

What is the need to repeat offensive statements again and again ? As a Muslim I am offended by his repeated quotes on the Prophet (SAW)
@shivam what do you want to know about me ?

pennathur said...

History_lover, globalisation pre-dates Ibn Batuta. Remember Arikkamedu near Kanchi in Tamizh Naadu and Pumpuhaar? Exchanges on a global scale are very very old way beyond Ibn Batuta.

history_lover said...

@pennathur Trade links between different civilizations have been existing even before him I agree with you.Infact as far as I remember they were there in the what is called the Bronze age
There is evidence of trade links between our Indus valley civilzation and Mesopotamian civilization.
But I believe greater interaction between Africa & Europe & Asia was achieved during the heyday of Islamic civilization.
Greater movement of men and material and interaction than ever before.
Please Read
* Andre Wink's books published by Oxford University Press
* The Venture of Islam (I can't recall the name of the author was it Hodgson)

@greatbong I did not say other comments are fine .All I said that it matters more to me than the rest.As you yourself stated in another post of yours If the Gita was flushed down the toilet you would feel more pain and get more angry.
As far as Sudairi's comments on jews ,this tribal war of words has been going on for long. thus a Israeli PM called Palestinians cockroaches .This does'nt make it right .